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Change Log

Version 2.4.5 – 15 Aug 2021

Fix – Business listing CSS changed, need to be fixed for some design issues
Fix – Fix Product Category Filter in Single business page
Fix – Remove preg_replace error being created in Debug on each load
Fix – Fix Error in Theme, causing Warning in Blog Comment Form
Fix – Fix Small Design issue in Widgets Section
– Update – Update pot

Version 2.4.4 – 10 Aug 2021

– New Feature – User Profiles, where all users can enjoy their own user Profile with Modern Look
– New Feature – Connect Comment Profile with Personal Profile + Show proper profile images
– New Feature – Add dropdown for Product Tab in Single Business page to filter products according to categories
– New Feature – New Option to Defer Parsing all JavaScript Files for fast Load Times
– New Feature – New Option to Preload Stylesheets for fast Load Times
Enhance – Wyzi Toolkit Options page into Class for faster render and ease of adding more options in future
Enhance – Set Transient Cache for category slider to lower query consumption on server side
Enhance – Set Transient Cache for Categories Dropdown to lower query consumption on server side
Enhance – Reduced number of queries of get_image to eliminate duplicate queries that has big effect on loading times especially for template 1
Enhance – Removed CPK_WPCSV_Engine call from front end to reduce loading time TTFB as this function is purely backed
Enhance – Main Page google map did not load sometimes as Browsers Dom firing before Jquery ready function
Enhance – Enhance Posts Design and look
Fix – Favorite Business Post Email not saving to ON in Toolkit Options Settings
Fix – Location Dropdown in Wyzi Custom Search, getting an unnecessary first empty field
Fix – Exporting a single business calendar Appointments from Backend used to export empty CSV
Fix – Booking calendars assigned to user ID instead of email address, users can change email address without loosing calendars
Fix – User Dashboard Style 2 Avatar fixed
Fix – Fix Clicking Unread in user Dashboard will forward user to Inbox
Fix – Manual Appointments in Client Dashboard should not appear
Fix – Fix case subscription mode is on and Template 2 is used, login for non-subscribers not redirecting to user dashabord

Version 2.4.3 – 2 Feb 2021

Security – Fix a vulnerability against XSS attacks against users opening a malicious link or page
– New Feature – New feature required fields in Business Submission form will have a red star to help users know required fields
– New Feature – Business Post CPT Name have 1 new variables to be included in URL slug %bus_name% for better URL format
Enhance – Allow business owner to delete his own uploaded images
Enhance – Newly created Users through Direct booking from Business Calendars are given client role instead of subscriber role
Enhance – Remove Edit Profile from Appointments Section in Client User Dashboard as it has no usefulness
Enhance – In case Admin chooses Mobile Menu Homepage to be same as Desktop Homepage an infinite refresh loop starts which is avoided now
Enhance – Give Business Owner in User Dashboard Style 2 ability to specify which business an offer is related to
Enhance – Add an option for pages with map to turn on off mouse zoom on scroll using map
Enhance – Add ability for Business Post to choose which Business it is related to from the backend for admin to choose
Enhance – Google maps radius incorrect opacity: looks like the circle is being drawn multiple times when Geolocation is turned on and number of businesses is above 400.
Enhance – Generated category icons are not removed when you remove the Category Icon
Fix – Fix small CSS in sharing in Style 1, where share button had white color and not contrasted with background
Fix – Week Days Names Disappearing on Mobile in Custom Open Close time when Open or Close All Day is chosen
Fix – Mobile CSS issue for Business Archive page in case Grid View is on in Template 1
Fix – Business Finder Demo Home 5 Fix Radius Slider getting out of range inside Revolution Slider
Fix – Show Paid Service Product in Custom Fields of booking product after disappearing in last update
Fix – A small bug in user dashboard calendar while adding a multi day where page while still called page not udpage
Fix – Small Translation issue in New Multiday Booking Feature
Fix – Fix Custom CSS option stopping with Latest WordPress version
Fix – Some CSS issue in Admin WordPress > Toolkit Options affected after WordPress 5.5
Fix – WCMP Vendor FrontEnd Adding Products where only products assigned to a specific Vendor appear in his User Dashboard where previously Product Author was queried
Fix – CSS Alignment in Businesses grid view in case a business has no Location
Fix – Inbox link in dropdown menu from My Account btn not linking correctly
Fix – Template 1 Header CSS causing social icons to look different
Fix -All sub menu items of My Account btn where they had non-useful links
– Update – Added WooCommerce Lightbox Zooming and Slider option for single product page images
– Update – Update POT file for translation of new Text
– Update – Update all Premium plugins shipped with Wyzi

Version 2.4.2 – 19 Aug 2020 – Urgent Update Compatibility with WordPress 5.5

– Very Important Update – Update Compatibility Fix WordPress 5.5 User Dashboard Style 2 Links change from page to udpage due to new reserved words in new WordPress update
– Very Important Update – Update Compatibility fix all .live(click Jquery events are changed to .on(click to suit latest Jquery update shipped with latest WordPress version 5.5
– New Feature – Multi-Day Booking Featured added to Wyzi Booking System
Enhance – Subscription Packages in User Dashboard were not styled properly
Fix – Fix progress bar line disappearance in Template one while adding a business
Fix – The CSS Misalignment for tabs icons in single Business page is fixed
Fix – Fix a small translation issue in Appointment from to was not translating
Fix – Fix Avatar in Private messaging system appearing in the different user during chat among two business owners
Fix – Fix User Account Dashboard Inbox Meter on Landing page in case the business owner is the sender
Fix – Fix few CSS issues in Adding new Business in User Dashboard Style 2
Fix – Fix Few CSS Issues for Mobile View of User Dashboard Style 2
Fix – Fix Italic icons in Single Business page
Fix – Fix add and remove btns in open close times while adding a business by business owner
Fix – Booking Infinite loop when booking bulk appointment starting after 8 pm
– Update – Update all premium plugins

Version 2.4.1 – 20 Jun 2020

– New Feature – Add ability for admin to choose maximum number of categories a subscription level can have
Enhance – Signing up at rating tab should redirect one to rating tab
Enhance – Mobile Home Page is not working on cache activation
Enhance – Make Category Slider Parent Clickable in case Admin is not using Child Categories
Enhance – Update Location Query which speeds up Admin dashboard a lot and stop its duplicate query that used to query all locations at once
Enhance – Cached wyz_remove_products function results using transient to lower number of repetitive queries to once per 24 hours, yet the cached results are deleted once a woo-commerce product is updated or created.
Enhance – Sold by on The Order confirmation page, linked now to Business name instead of vendor name according too Sold By Option
Enhance – Add specific ID for Custom Fields of Business Fields for later use
Enhance – Remove Add new in case of a client, as clients do not add anything in User Dashboard Style 2
Enhance – Front End Location Drop Down list Optimised for long queries for speed purposes
Enhance – change all booked_update_timeslots hooks
Enhance – include custom css in user dashboard
Enhance – Allow for a business to select no location in backend
Enhance – Remove advanced meta search from backend business search to speed up backend search
Enhance – Include google fonts in user dashboard
Fix – google login error
Fix – Design of membership level submission for in user dashboard is broken
Fix – Manual appointments js error
Fix – font-awesome overridden by font awesome 5
Fix –  Booking appointment checkbox still shows even after disabling booking appointments
Fix –  Fix Upon updating Business if a field left empty was not updating empty
Fix –  fixed disappearing WordPress Dashboard on Wyzi Options page in WordPress Backend
Fix –  User Dashboard Style 1 Favourite tab disappeared for clients in case of subscription is ON
Fix –  Small JS error fix upon rating a business in new PHP Strict version
Fix –  Turning Booking off from Toolkit settings did not remove Appointments for clients, now fixed
Fix –  Bookable products option that did not take effect in Frontend user submission of Product
Fix –  Remove myavatar variable from pm.js in Internal messaging system that caused sometimes Send Quote not available
Fix –  Specifying Typography options in wyzi options affected Wp Admin Bar, now fixed by excluding Admin Classes
Fix –  When a business of approved bug email was not sent is fixed
Fix –  Hide orders tab option that did not hide shop tab in User Dashboard Style 1
Fix –  View Offer in user Dashboard where it was still pointing to offers Archives instead of single business offer tab

Version 2.4.0 – 29 Jan 2020

– Amazing New Feature – SubScription Checkout in User Dashabord Style 2 can be completed now inside User Dashboard
– Amazing New Feature – Front End Manual Appointments, where Business Owners can add their own Appointments that took place offline
– Amazing New Feature – Get Directions feature has been added, from Single Business Page, Users can click Get Directions
– New Feature – All signup and Login links come now from one function with code Filter ability
– New Feature – Ability for Admin to directly Add Appointment Prices from the Calendar in WP Dashboard > Appointments > Settings > Custom Time Slots
– New Feature – Admin can post on behalf of business owners on their business page from business page frontend
– New Feature – Enhance Admin can add products to sell to his own Businesses instead of Vendors only
– New Feature – New option in Membership Levels, allow or disallow for multi-category select for businesses
Enhance – In Template 2, in case Header was an image in the Single business page instead of Map, there was no place for business title to show. This is enhanced now.
Enhance – Appointment Price now appears directly in Appointments calendar before opening the popup
Enhance – Allow Video Uploads Privilege to be controlled in Membership Subscription Levels
Enhance – Update Nice Scroll Js file to get rid of JS error [Intervention] Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener due to the target being treated as passive.
Enhance – Optimize Speed in Backend on a very huge number of businesses, where WP Job Manager was loading all businesses on each admin page visit, now narrowed to only job page to increase the loading speed of admin pages without the need to pull all businesses on every load
Enhance – Searching with Filters with location and radius used to be very slow because of loading all businesses and checking the radius of each one by one, now it is changed to SQL query which is much faster
EnhanceCreating Category and map icons that caused some problems on rare cases in servers with High-Security measurements
EnhanceFixed problem appearing in Single Business Page caused by single-busienss-all.js file when using PHP 7.3.11 and above with Jquery $ arguments
EnhanceUpdate RTL Content to fix some CSS Style Issues
EnhanceMake Automatic Calendar Name %s Calendar to be dynamically translatable
EnhanceRemove Blog Name from Subject upon sending an email so Admin has full control over the email subject
EnhancePhone number billing field to become text so plus sign can be entered by users in their profile
Fix – Fixed a Bug that caused Custom Form Display to show extra unneeded data sometimes
Fix – Fixed WC marketplace (3.4.3) and above Orders in vendor dashboard: Edit order status button (new feature), when clicking the dropdown does not work, so it is not possible to edit the order status to Completed order for example.
Fix – Fixed: Booking product: when adding a product, in the vendor dashboard, the option “Booked Service Appointment” it is not visible anymore, so no bookable product can be added
Fix – Fixed: When performing order and paying out, the checkout does not redirect to the page titles “Order received” with the order details.
Fix – Fix a problem in Global map where logos stopped showing after the first load of Businesses Ajax request
Fix – Horizontal Scroll when the nice scroll is activated
Fix – Fix a JS error in Archives Map page InvalidValueError at index 0 at index 0not a LatLng or LatLngLiteral with finite coordinates
Fix – Fix error in User Dashboard Style 2, Turning off used to turn off Adding new Jobs and not the whole Jobs Tab
– Update – Updated all Premium Plugins to the latest version
– Update – Update all Translation pot file for translation for all new features, enhances and fixes

Version 2.3.2 – 25 Sept 2019

Fix – Fixed an issue that caused Template 2 Single business not show Map caused by scrolling variable in single business js

Version 2.3.1 – 21 Sept 2019

– Amazing New Feature – New Demo: Wyzi Doctors is now available
– Amazing New Feature – Tooltips: All Business Fields, Custom Fields, Profile Fields & Calendar fields have ToolTips to be controlled by admin
– New Feature – Signup form Dis-engage current Profile Custom Fields from Sign up form, while keeping Custom fields controlled by Admin and appearing in User Dashboard.
– New Feature – Ability to specify each User Registration field be in Sign up or Dashboard Profile
– New Feature – Added new exif_imagetype Function Availability check for server status
– New Feature – New PMPro level options to control User Dashboard Menu on/off depending on the subscription level
– New Feature – Image Dialog Uploader is enhanced with new CSS for distinctive behavior
– New Feature – Business owner can specify now private images for his own use without showing in public
– New Feature – New Header has been added in Template 2
Enhance – Custom CSS class name for Custom fields is added on Single Business pages
Enhance – small fix email verify redirecrt url after signing up
Enhance – Upon Changing Password give an error message in case new password fields do not match
Enhance – Update Job Manager Template to suit the new version in submitting Jobs from User Dashboard
Enhance – On Subscription mode, woocommerce mode , user dashbaoprd style 2, adding woocommerce product from within the user dashboard will now show a message to go directly to the cart page
Enhance – Recent orders, shipping, and billing addresses, edit your password” redirect to the wrong URLs in the shop page. in Dashboard style 2 is now enhanced
Enhance – My Account Drop Down Menu now follows PMPro Subscription level options
Enhance – added WPML compatibility code sent by WPML for Registration From labels
Fix – Send in private inbox in being received in sent instead of inbox sometimes
Fix – Fixed small bug when searching Business tag & category at the same time
Fix – Mobile offer slider business details did not show fully
Fix – Wall Small issue with new PHP version which caused repetitive Wall Posts
Fix – Template 2, Case Image Header, fixed Favourite Button
Fix – Users can’t reset the password on mobile devices is now fixed
Fix – Option tree special characters saving special characters for custom CSS field like >
Fix – Client signup mail subject bug

Version 2.3.0 – 10 June 2019

Important Note – You need to clear your server & browser cache after this update as this update has new Enhancements in Toolkit options

– Amazing New Feature – Business Owners can now upload mp4 and mov in Wall and Host Videos on your website Directly
– New Feature – Option to specify maximum allowed MB to upload in one video
– New Feature – Android and iPhone compatibility for video uploads, Live Record & Upload
– New Feature – Hosted videos auto play when they become in view port
– New Feature – Uploading Videos become an option in membership privilege so admin can set which levels are allowed
– New Feature – New option Title Color in case no Logo is used in Theme Options
– New Feature – Version Number Check between Wyzi Theme & Wyzi Toolkit plugin added to Server Status
– New Feature – Added Single Business POsts pages videos when they exist
– New Feature – Added Whatsapp as a new Sharing Option for Business Pages, Business Posts & Offers
Enhance – Removed Google plus from sharing options as Google plus is discontinued
Enhance – Updated some Options for better Visualisation images especially Image Radio Options
Enhance – Daily Update Posts Email for Favourited Businesses look & feel
Enhance – Clicking on wall posts with offers should link to business tab offer page
Enhance – Posts of Offers time linked now to WordPress settings
Enhance – Changed all update_woocommerce_term_meta occurrences to update_term_meta for woocommerce future compatibility
Enhance – Category Icons are not required anymore for Listings to behave properly on the Map
Enhance – Google Login caused some errors on some systems after WordPress 5.2
Enhance – Removed PHP allow_url_include from Server Status and from documentation requirements. It is not required anymore
Enhance – Location Dropdown hierarchy with parent-child in Frontend and Backend up to 2 levels
Fix – Fixed the safari Business Preview going right and causing uneeded horizontal Scroll
Fix – Wyzi is now compatible with latest Option Tree version 2.7.3
Fix – Fixed Compatibility issue with Latest Option Tree version 2.7.3 which caused the following error ot_validate_setting was called incorrectly. All stored data must be filtered through ot_validate_setting_input_safe, the typography option type is not using this filter. This is required since version 2.7.0.
Fix – Special character if found in Site name, used to affect Wyzi Email Subjects
Fix – On Offers created automatically on Wall Posts, fix the link of offers to got to business page directly
Fix – Translation fixes for Posts of Offers titles
Fix – Translation issue in User Dashboard style Like records per table & other translations
Fix – Enter a location cannot be changed in translation, make it translatable
Fix – Fixed “Warning: count()” error on php 7.2 in many different places for best compatibility with new PHP versions
Fix – Bug Upon removing all images then Updating Listing Images from previously uploaded Images
Fix – Removed PHP Warnings from Demo Imports for new PHP versions
Fix – Removed PHP Warnings when importing Listings or Locations
Fix – Fixed PHP warning in is_page to redirect user-account for non-logged in users
Fix – Archive Map in Template 2 Loading icon did not disappear in map finishing loading
Fix – Fixed primary color and hover color for post button upon posting on wall posts
Fix – Fixed primary color and hover color for comment button upon posting on wall posts
Fix – Fixed in template 2 Share for Post issue in css caused share to drop a line in latest chrome version
Fix – Fixed Double parent location appearing in Header location drop down search

Version 2.2.6 – 17 May 2019

Enhance – Removed any Theme Notices
Enhance – Security fix Sanitised JS on Output of Admin Custom JS
Enhance – Validating Sanitizing and Escaped all User Data inside Wyzi theme
Enhance – Replace all PHP fopen & file_get_contents with WP File System secure way
Enhance – Removed unused google fonts callings in Wyzi theme
Fix – Fixed an error that caused slow backend when the number of businesses exceeded 100,000 Businesses
Fix – FIxed an error that did not allow Appointments > Calendar to add correctly in term meta and save business_id
Fix – Fix Avatar default image in case a user does not have an avatar in Welcome Menu in Template 2

Version 2.2.5 – 5 May 2019

– New Feature – Add Listings slogan to essential grid available options
Enhance – password again is not translatable, new Option for Password again translation
Enhance – Compatibility issue with PHP 7.3.1 caused Listing to give 500 error
Enhance – Curl error in Siteground removed on automatically installing required plugins
Enhance – Update Option Tree to Latest version with Wyzi Compatibility
Enhance – Wyzi is now compatible with latest ThemeForest Requirments for themes
Enhance – Removed base64 coding on demo imports for faster demo imports and used Json Instead
Fix – Bug When Admin updates WCMP > Vendors conflict between WCMP & Wyzi
Fix – In User Dashboard Style 2, The Admin Bar does not appear, make it appear
Fix – In User Dashboard Style 2, fix translation issue Businesses tab now names My Businesses
– Update – Updated all Premium Plugins to latest version

Version 2.2.4 – 8 March 2019

Important Note – You need to clear your server & browser cache after this update as this update has new Enhancements in Toolkit options

– Amazing New Feature – Manage Single Business Sidebar Widgets Order and Title Read more
– Amazing New Feature – New Demo is available, called ‘Wyzi Travel’
– New Feature – New Option to Hide Extra Sidebar in Single Business Page for a wider view
– New Feature – New Option to remove share social media links from Single Business Page Header in template 1
– New Feature – New Option to remove Logo on Banner Image in case Image Header is used
– New Feature – New Option to hide Business Name in Business Posts to reduce repetition
– New Feature – New Option for making Archive Business List as grid View in Template 1
– New Feature – In case Grid View and banner image exists then the banner image will appear in Business Archives listing
– New Feature – New option to hide Sub Header in Business Archives Pages
Huge Enhance – Change Toolkit Options Design for better Understanding in Visualisation Terms
Enhance – Make Private Messaging Send form appear for non-logged in users but a message will appear that they must log in in case a non-logged in user is trying to send a message
Enhance – Separate Single Business Settings from General Settings in Toolkit Options
Enhance – Removed Opening Hours Text for Business Sidebar Wiget as it is managed by New Feature
Enhance – Make Banner parallax view while scrolling in Single business page in case of Image Header
Enhance – Switched the location of small Description in Single Business Page so Description be under Business Title instead of being under Business Name in Template 1
Enhance – Verified Button is now on the right of the Business Name in Single Business Pages Template 1 for better Visualisation
Enhance – Ability to Add Wall Sortcode more than once in a single page
Enhance – Enhance removed average rating demo rating tab as it is available now in business sidebar widgets
Enhance – Updated .POT files for transaltion rediness
Fix – Custom Search bug fix in case of Drop Down location is used to get correct results
Fix – Search on the map is executing many times causing the circle to be drawn many times giving a dark blue on the map
Fix – Bug in Custom Fields Attachment Media Field, it was not opening for adding Media
Fix – Bug in Custom Fields Date Filed, it was not opening calendar for the user to choose from
Fix – Category Icon missing from Single Business Backend
Fix – Bug, Comments on Business Posts are appearing Randomly when a Business Owner first creates a new Business Post
Fix – Bug in Private message email is not rendering receiver shortcode %reciever_user_name% into receiver username
Fix – Bug message content is not rendering in private messaging email %message_content%
Fix – Bug in %message_link% in private message email upon reply, link fixed

Version 2.2.3 – 20 Feb 2019

Important Note – You need to clear your server & browser cache after this update as this update includes Images Lazy Load to reduce Home Page size when Huge Number of Listings is added

– Amazing New Feature – Lazy Loaded added to All Images in Sliders and DropDowns to reduce Loading Time significantly
– New Feature – Appointment email Template sent to a Business owner when the client cancels his appointment
– New Feature – Added to Internal Messaging System Services Start Date, End Date & Counter for remaining Time of requested Service
– New Feature – Client can validate the complition of a Service in Internal Messaging System to complete a Task requestd
– New Feature – B2B Booking where Busienss Owners can book appointments from other Businesses, a new Tab has been added to differentiate Business Appointments from Personal Appointments
Enhance – Youtube Links in About section entered by Business Owner is automatically converted into a Video in Frontend
Enhance – Sending an attachment from a Business Internal Messaging System shows a message for user to wait while uploading
Enhance – Pending Product in Internal messaging System Problem has been removed
Enhance – Services added by Business Owner in Internal messaging System are added to WC MarketPlace products for commission collection
Enhance – Product Category Points is removed from User Interface while Business owner adding a Product
Enhance – Business Posts is given a Better Name, Business Name – Website Name
Enhance – Expired Offers should delete their respective Business Wall Posts when expired
Enhance – Added New Essential Grid Meta Data %wyzi_listing_featured_banner% to display featured for featured Listings
Fix – Date field in the user registration form shows empty on edit
Fix – Fix search of Keywords to match Listings names in Advanced Custom Search
Fix – Advanced Custom Search Drop Down location case search is getting wrong results
Fix -Advanced Custom Search Keyword with Locations and Categories is doing an OR not AND in Search results
Fix – Subscribed Business owner is taken to Dashboard now instead of Subscription Page
Fix – Featured Slider Edge to Edge Option is working now
Fix – Sending the first message with an attachment from Business Internal Messaging System, the attachment is now delivered correctly
Fix – Move To Trash of Internal Messages works correctly
Fix – Listing Rating is recalculated when a rating is deleted by admin
Fix – User Dashboard Style 2 Custom CSS from Wyzi Options now works
Fix – Offers Slider Template 2 CSS fix appear in a better state
Fix – Offer cannot be Disliked, now User can Like & Dislike
Fix – Offer Mobile View Like Jumped on Pressing, making it hard to Like
Fix – On Hover, any Rotating slider stops rotating
Fix – Pinterest Icon Color corrected to the True Company Color
Fix – Fix Sign up CSS on clicking Favourite for non-logged in users
Fix – Fix Check box of agree to Terms in Sign up form that looked wierd in some browsers
– Update – Updated all Premium Plugins to latest version

Version 2.2.2 – 23 Jan 2019

Enhance – New Option in WooCommerce Setting to Set “Sold By” Link to Business Page or to WCMP Vendor Page
Fix – New WCMP version 3.3.1 Compatibility ( Adding Listing and bookable Products )
Fix – Booking Appointment Prices are made virtual products now to remove shipping from WooCommerce Checkout page
Fix – Internal Messaging Payment Request Product Auto Creation is made Virtual to remove shipping from WooCommerce Checkout page
Fix – Custom CSS Classes for Custom Business Fields did not relate for some fields
Fix – Indefinite Loop for Sliders in Mobile View
Fix – Logging in of a Business Owner, without a membership yet, redirects him to membership levels tab in both styles of Dashboards
Fix – Put Logo in Dashboard Style 2 in case Logo exists 
– Fix
– Payment Request in Internal Messaging System made responsive correctly on mobile
– Fix – Essential Grid in Business Listing template Page keep reloading upon Map Listings request
– Fix – Template 2 Business Map Preview Rate Redirect correctly

Version 2.2.1 – 15 Jan 2019

– Amazing New Feature – Client can Pay Business Owner inside Internal Messaging System with Admin Commission Read More
– New Feature – Check Mark in Internal Messaging System to ensure Message Delivery Read More
– New Feature – Added User Registration Form Attachment field with drag and drop feature Read More
– New Feature – Admin can Approve Pending Users with a new option Read More
– New Feature – Clients Ability to Upgrade to Business Account is an Option now Read More
Enhance – Wyzi Theme is now Gutenberg compatible, with some shortcodes exceptions Read More
Enhance – Private Messages between Clients and Business Owners appear to Admin as comments in Private Messages CPT in Admin Dashboard
Enhance – Single Offers Pages are omitted and replaced by direct link to Offers Tabs in Single Business Offer Tab
Enhance – Improved Map Search in case of Keyword & Location Dropdown changed into AND Combination
Enhance – Each Location can have unlimited number of Children Levels
Enhance – Location Slider now counts Listings related to all Children Levels
Enhance – Added Bookable Products Option for WCMP Product Front End Submitter
Enhance – A small message telling user his email has been verified after clicking on Email Verification Link
Enhance – Enhance the look of Global map when put in Sidebar
Enhance – Offer can handle Youtube Video Embedded link in Frontend
Enhance – in Registration Page Move Sign Up Button under Terms and Agreements line
Fix – Mobile Menu of Template 1 Fix in User Dashboard
Fix – Pending Users Bug where they used to keep their Pending User role after email verification
Fix – Removing Notices on Open Close Times in Business Creation
Fix – Remove JS errors on job submission due to jquery UI error
Fix – Map Overlay Stick-on Screen when Geolocation error occurs
Fix – Safari Internal Messaging Form Submit Fix, prevented Form from submitting
Fix – JS Error on Offer Submission
Fix – In template 2 Map Preview Business Fix clicking not redirecting to business
Fix – Fixed some CSS Issues in Paid Membership Pro Checkout Pages
Fix – Fixed some CSS in Recent Business Slider Shadows gets cropped on item hover
Fix – Partial Saving URL in Option Problem for Custom Business Firm Fields, Business Form Fields, Registration User Form Fields, Tabs Management that caused data to be lost of these option in case Website URL is changed
Fix – Bug In Custom Fields WYSIWYG Video embedded
Fix – Bug saving font made up of two words is not saving the space between them like “work sans” font is fixed now
Fix – Dashboard Style 2 does not doesn’t direct to the subscription page after sign up for subscription in case of WooCommerce Subscription
Fix – Location Slider Bug on Phone when sliding and he is right
Fix – GLOBAL MAP shortcode retrieved no business in some search cases, fixed now
Fix – Auto Zoom Out Fix when grabbing huge number of Listings in a map
Fix – Mobile Header width fix for some mobile screen sizes
Fix – Bug in Add Business Page as Google API was included multiple times
Fix – In User Dashboard Style 2, User Favourite counted 2 times in statistics, now fixed
Fix – Vendor statistics is now hidden non-vendors in User Dashboard Style 2 Statistics page
Fix – Some Translation fixes here and there

Version 2.2 – 14 Oct 2018

– New Feature – Awesome New User Dashboard with Modern Design and Easy Navigation Read more
– New Feature – Statistics Page for New User Dashboard to follow number of visits, likes sales, and many many more
– New Feature – New Options for Category Slider Visual Composer Shortcode to specify Number of Columns for different Screen Sizes ( Desktops, Tablets, Smart Phones, etc.. )
– New Feature – New Banner Uploader available as Business Submitter Form Builder Option so Users can Upload Banner image while creating their Business
– New Feature – New Rating On/OFF available as Business Submitter Form Builder Option so Users can specify if rating tab should appear or not on their Business page
– New Feature – Automatic Email Update over 24 hours for new Favourite Business Posts Sent Automatically to keep Users Interaction
– New Feature – New Offers created added automatically to Wall Posts to Update Users
– New Feature – More options in Business Listing page Template and near me business option with Slider
– New Feature – Search on Map Slides Down when Business Preview Option is turned on to make space for business preview
– New Feature – Non-Registered Users Trying to Favourite a Business will get Sign up Notification
– New Feature – New Option in Offer Slider to specify Offers Categories in Visual Composer Shortcode
– New Feature – New Date Field in User Registration Form Builder
Enhance – Yes No Option for Bookable Products in WCMP product frontend submitter
– Enhance – Adding Required Option to Gallery in Business Submitter Form Builder
– Enhance – Add %First_Name% and %LastName% to Password Recovery Email in Contact options
– Enhance – In Private Messaging Email notification, added %Business_URL% the message is being sent from so Business owner knows which Business he is receiving email from
– Enhance – Make Appointments Order come from Newest to Older to make it easier on navigation
– Enhance – Removed “My Shop” from WCMP Dashboard
– Enhance – Business Owners able to change the title and captions etc of the images they have in their Media library
– Enhance – Remove the setting in Toolkit Settings > Offers > No offer message as this is causing confusion, and can be controlled by Loco translate instead
– Enhance – Adding many new tags in Email Templates of Wyzi
– Enhance – Distinguish Bookable Products in Front end with Special Tag
– Enhance – WCMP Vendors list widget link to Business Pages Directly
Fix – Bug Fix in Template 2 map Auto Zooming although Auto Zoom Option is Off
Fix – Bug Case Sticky Menu, Mobile menu on Wyzi  can’t be scrolled down
Fix – Design Bug in Offers page when Switch Sidebar option is ON
Fix – Terms & Conditions not appearing under sign up page when a link is placed in Wyzi Options > General > Terms & Conditions Option
Fix – Email Sent in Email without paragraphs in Private messaging
Fix – Custom field tab in case of membership as default tab and not activated for Membership will fall down to nearest tab
Fix – Woocommerce product rating font gets overridden
Fix – Product image + gallery in front end product submission/edit was buggy
Fix – Mobile Responsiveness Next is Disappearing when adding a Wide Logo in Creating a New Business Page in Frontend
Fix – Bug in Radius search Circle not showing sometimes
Fix – Bug Offers Date follow two different time formars ( 24 and 12 ) so we need to make sure they follow the same format
Fix – User Dashboard Style 1 give minimum Height to cancel Jumping of page in different tabs
Fix – Returning Vendor Application result after WCMP updated its code
Fix – Password Field Bug in User Registration Form Builder giving Admin ability to specify the right text, especially in translation
Fix – Many CSS Styling Fixes
Fix – Mobile CSS Enhancements for Map Preview Options
Fix – Many English Spelling Fixes Done
Fix – Advanced Custom Search Builder fixing Dynamic Translation
Fix – Lots of translation minor fixes for translating Wyzi to different languages
Fix – Make sure all text follow font option assigned in Wyzi Options, especially User Dashboard Style 1

Version – 31 Jul 2018

– New Feature – Vendors able to add different Price for each Booking Time Slot Read More
– New Feature – Booking Product is now automatically created for Vendors, all what a Vendor needs to do is enter a Number
– New Feature – New Option for Category Slider to exclude certain categories from Slider Admin can specify
– New Feature – New Label Custom Field to play a New Section Role in Business Custom Fields Builder
– New Feature – New Section Label for Claim forms to make separate sections
– New Feature – Added a link from Single Product to Business Listing page that owns the concerned product
– New Feature – Romanian Language is now available for wyzi and ready for use
– New Feature – Enhance Booking Vendor Design for better navigation while adding timeslots
Fix – Fixed GeoLocation on Map initial load to show exact User Location
Fix – Location Slider now counts Business belonging to Parent and Child Locations
Fix – Remove Points Category from Wyzi Frontend Product Submitter
Fix – Prohibit Business Owner from claiming his own Business
Fix – Making Claims easier to Navigate for Business Owners from Dashbaord by Linking claimed Businesses
Fix – Job form showing 2 times fixed to show only one time
Fix – In Template 2 Social Login not working
Fix – Single Product Sold By returned back in this version
Fix – Placing Custom Fields And after it a new Tab is not closing the fieldset causing no next
Fix – Fix Update Button location when updating a business or listing
Fix – Added allow_url_fopen and allow_url_include as requirements in Wyzi Server Status Page
Fix – Added Reset button to Claim Form Fields in Admin Dashbaord
Fix – Fix Bug in Contact Us Map Page
Fix – Fixed many minor issues causing PHP notices on Main page
Fix – Loop Back Request problem caused by wyzi toolkit that caused problem in Editing Files in WordPress
– Update – Updated all Premium Plugins to latest version

Version – 17 Jun 2018 – A BIG fix Update

– New Feature – New GDPR option to allow Users to Delete Account and Export their Data Read more
– New Feature – New Option to put Shortcodes or HTML in the top of Archives and Search Pages Read more
– New Feature – Child Location Capability is Added Read more
– New Feature – Added option: Hide Internal messaging system from clients Read more
– New Feature – New CPT for Transferred Points between users with From To Usernames, quantity of Points and Reason or notes Read more
– New Feature – New Design for Claim Form in Front end
– New Feature – Signing up while booking from calendar added terms and conditions with checkbox to abide GDPR
Fix – Password Reset fix and user will be able to directly choose his password instead of read made password
Fix – Some core fixes in PHP code to suit new changes in PHP version 7.2
Fix – Paid Service Selector of Calendar Disappeared in latest version even if he already has a business and booking product
Fix – Ipad Problem with booking not able to fill fields correctly
Fix – Products Tab in Single Business page will show all products even if the number of products exceeds 10 products
Fix – Search Global Map problem when filling Keyword and Category
Fix – Horizontal scroll on template 2 map which caused the page to scroll Horizontally
Fix – Clicking View All Photos in Template 2 in Map Business Preview opens the Photos Tab correctly
Fix – Template 1 Category Slider Design 2 fixed z-index to show correctly
Fix – Template 1 Category Slider Design 2 fixed if number of Children is zero no Sub Categories will show
Fix – Tabs Titles font follow Typography font specified in Options
Fix – Only Shipping Classes connected to vendor will show
Fix – Product Vendor Link “Sold By” link directly to business page Products tab
Fix – WCMP Add Products error when Vendor does not have a Business yet
Fix – User can login even if not verified
Fix – Removed Weird Receiver 1 in Inbox
Fix – Number of Points not appearing for Users in Backend from Users
Fix – Booking Date in Custom Advanced Search Builder was not working correctly as it is not retrieving businesses with booking dates correctly
Fix – About Tab not working if Slug name is changed
Fix – added %FIRSTNAME% in Verification Email Template in Wyzi Options > Contact > verification Email
Fix – If vendor Application is rejected show your application is rejected to Vendor in Dashbaord
Fix – Bug where business category wouldn’t upload, even if php.ini is configured well
Fix – In business categories page, if server doesn’t have php.ini setup properly, an alert will show up
Fix – In Template 2 GDPR checkbox for terms and conditions checkbox fixed as used not to appear in Template 2
Fix – In location Slider Template 2, clicking locations will direct visitor to Archives Pages
Fix – Some CSS fixes for responsiveness issues in different places
Fix – Some Translation Fixes

Version – 17 May 2018 – A BIG New Features Update

– New Feature – Internal Messaging System – Listers and Clients can chat without exchanging their emails with ability of sharing files Read More
– New Feature – Area Zone – Each Business will be able to specify the zone of work to appear directly on map Read More
– New Feature – Email Verification for all new registered Business owners and clients Read More
– New Feature – New Global Map Shortcode to place Global map in any location inside a page, and not required to be in header as it used to be Read More
– New Feature – New Sign Up Fields in User Registration Form Builder for WooCommerce Shipping Fields, so users can fill then directly on registry Read More
– New Feature – For GDPR compliance, a new option to put an empty checkbox on terms and condition on signing up Read More
– New Feature – New Option to show hide Map Preview Sidebar in Global Map upon clicking marker Read More
– New Feature – If Draft on Expiry option is on, and client re-subscribers, all is expired businesses, offers, products and jobs will return as they were during previous subscription
– New Feature – All Wyzi Emails subjects are now options for Admin to control
– New Feature – Claim Email is added to available Emails Contact Email for Admin to control its content
– New Feature – Password Reset Email is added to available Emails Contact Email for Admin to control its content
– New Feature – Admin can hide “Claim Business” link on an individual business basis, so admin can remove this link after a business is verified
– New Feature – Wyzi Product Frontend Submitter now has Shipping Classes
– New Feature – Wyzi Product Frontend Submitter now has Add Attribute feature
– New Feature – New option to allow job submission just for users with Businesses
– New Feature – New option to show or Hide Business Preview Sidebar on Listings Archives Pages
– New Feature – New option in All Businesses Shortcode to specify essential grid element to show businesses in
– New Feature – New POI ( points of interest ) on/off for the Map in Business Registration form build
– New Feature – Added “Back to Job Listings” link while a business owner is adding a job, as previously there was no way to return back
– New Feature – One new Home Page in Demo
Fix – Custom Fields filling by Business owner now follows if Custom Fields option is on or off in membership level
Fix – Wyzi product submitter weight unit (kg or grams or.. ) now follows options specified in woocomemrce
Fix – Added option in membership level to show or hide additional content tab
Fix – Refresh the page after approving Appointment
Fix – Fixed Advanced Custom Search Design when placed in Sidebars
Fix – Removed a weird space before <!DOCTYPE html>
Fix – Bug causing Phone number to duplicated in Single Business Page
Fix – Add new line in Wyzi Product Submitter will be displayed in product description as entered
Fix – Booking Calendar Dashboard –  Add date(s) is duplicating existing slot, apart from creating a new one
Fix – Remove Edit profile from Appointments in user Dashbaord as it caused confusion to some customers
Fix – Added RTL language support in theme tags
Fix – Some Grammatical and proper english terms
Fix – Some CSS fixes

Version 2.1.8 – 5 Apr 2018

– New Feature – RTL Support ( Read More )
– New Feature – Import RTL Demo Directly
– New Feature – Make Bookable Products appear in Shop or No by a new option ( Read More )
– New Feature – Add new Start Date for offers for users to be able to specify offers start date
– New Feature – Youtube Videos now appear in Single Business Posts
– New Feature – New Links from Single Business to Business owners businesses to add directly new Offers, Products, or Jobs
– New Feature – New option to switch sidebars in single Business listing ( static and dynamic sidebars switch location)
Fix – Bug password fix after retrieving password from clients
Fix – Image Uploaded in Offers fixed to be able to upload
Fix – Fixed calendar not appearing in date fields in Booking User dashboard off time
Fix – Login in Appointment for Guests while booking an appointment
Fix – Shop Settings in User Dashboard now links to wcmp page specifies in wcmp options
Fix – Wyzi Product Submitter date fixed which caused products to have date october 7 2017
Fix – When Hide Points option is on, you can delete products point attribute
Fix – If Image Header is chosen for Single Listings, Subscription level map hide show takes effect on map in sidebar
Fix – Secure some external javascript by https
Fix – Bug fix in All Business Shortcode caused some businesses to repeat
Fix – Wyzi Toolkit Plugin made compatible with loco translate with a click only to start translation
Fix – Some CSS Fixes


Version – 12 Mar 2018

– New Feature – Revolution Slider Automatically imported on Demo import
– New Feature – Calendar Backend is now related to Business to allow Admin assigning
– New Feature – Demo import without images places images placeholders
Fix – Footer Copyrights outputs HTML format
Fix – Fixed some translation issues
Fix – Take Auto Vendor option when client upgrading to Business Owner
Fix – Icon Loading when Editing Business in Frontend for Parent Categories
Update – Updated all Premium Plugins

Version – 4 Mar 2018

– New Feature – Business Owners can specify expiration date for offers
– New Feature – Upon Approving/Rejecting an appointment, a note can be sent in email
– New Feature – New Option to turn on/off Map in Archives Pages
– New Feature – New Option for renaming Business Tags slug in URLs
– New Feature – New Option for Automatic Vendor Role for new Business Owners Read More
– New Feature – New Option for Automatic Vendor Role for new Business Owners in Subscription Levels Also
– New Feature – New Option to Draft Businesses or Listing when Subscription expires
– New Feature – Added “Back to Listing” Button when Business Owner is inside Shop Settings
Fix – Now Contact Custom Email can send HTML with images
Fix – Add a new Link to /membership-account/ from user Dashboard in case of Subscription
Fix – Vendors Products will not show in Shop after their subscription expires
Fix – Category Icon disappeared on editing a business, now fixed
Fix – Make Phone Numbers callable upon click in Business Single Pages
Fix – Sharing Offers in Google + and Facebook includes images now, given you input Facebook API key in Theme Options
Fix – Fixed a bug when updating a Vendor Shop looses Vendor Role
Fix – In Template 1 changed Facebook Like into Facebook Share of Single Business Page
Fix – Cart Icon Number Updates on removing items from cart
Fix – Fixed a bug where Cart Icon in menu pointed to a different page
Fix – Fixed Nice scroll freezing in some situations
Fix – In Template 1 Favourite cannot be unfavorite fixed
Fix – All Offers Page add Sign up to make your opinion count notice for non-logged in users
Fix – Changing Contact icons into Font Awesome in Single Business Page of Template 1
Fix – Cmb Field Map and Advanced Shortcode TGMPA proper slug naming
Fix – Fixed maps in archives pages in case a certain category is empty
Fix – Searching maps too fast caused two circles on slow servers is fixed
Fix – Made offer_class.php overidable
Fix – Fixed case of no Long and Lat values in settings which caused Archives maps to freeze
Fix – Many CSS fixes

Version – 11 Feb 2018

Fix – Google Fonts API key Added for Google Fonts Read more
Fix – Remove two Errors upon TGMPA Auto Plugins Installer

Version – 7 Feb 2018

Fix – Compatibility Bug fix with Firefox and Safari

Version 2.1.7 – 7 Feb 2018

– New Feature – Business owner can update their products from front end
– New Feature – Specify Number of Businesses being pulled in maps per request Read more
– New Feature – New option in membership level to limit amount of images to upload for a business owner
– New – New Design Style for Business Categories Slider in Template 1
– New – Admin can delete claim applications from WordPress Dashboard
– New – In case Vendor applies, he cannot apply another time while the application is pending
– New – Custom Search Builder Radius Default value option added
– New – Added x for Categories Dropdown when selected for ease of use
– New – New Option for Categories Slider to specify the number of sub categories to show before view all link
– New – Great Enhancements for searching Keywords to get tags with two keywords
– New – Custom Search Builder enhanced Dropdown, Checkbox and Radio searches for practical reasons
Fix – Custom Search Builder bug fixes
Fix – Menu Font being overriden by Wyzi Typography
Fix – Points Categories can be deleted in case Hide Points option is ON Read more
Fix – Fixed some pagination problems
Fix – All Business Shortcode when specifying location only show featured businesses from that location
Fix – Custom Listing Fields fixed some fields not having the visible option
Fix – Many CSS fixes
Fix – in Listings Backend, added category name beside category icon
Fix – Remove Cart icon on Cart page
Fix – In case client sign up hide subscription tab
Fix – Added Custom Fields Tab icon
Fix – Hide Points from My Account Menu when the option is ON
Fix – Show Products Icons in Cart that were not showing previosuly
Fix – Ability to Add HTML to Offers and show in front end
Fix – In case Cart is set to show only if filled, show it automatically when a product is added
Fix – In offers creation, image is not required anymore
Fix – When clicking on Products in Shop Settings, redirect to Products Tab in case Wyzi Front end Product Submitter is used
Fix – Mobile User Dashboard navigation problem fixed

Version 2.1.6 – 15 Jan 2018

– New Feature – New Option to turn On or Off the Offer submissions
– New Feature – New Option to specify Background Color of Single Business Pages
– New Feature – New Option to specify Business Category Slug Name
– New Feature – New Option to remove POIs from maps in Single Business Maps and Archives Maps
– New Feature – New Option to limit the number of Offers in Offer Slider
– New Feature – Auto Fit Option to Archives Map by setting zoom level to -1
– New – Many Design Enhancements in Template 1
– New – Listings in Archives pages are shown all on map and not only the listed listings underneath
– New – Visiting website.com/user-account/ and not logged in redirects user to sign up page
– New – In template one, each listing category appears on he grid view
– New – Offers Slider stop rotating on mouse hover over in case set to rotate
– New – Single Business Page Icons are now set to Font Awesome Icons for loading speeds
– New – Adding a product to cart updates the Cart Number of products instantly without loading the page
– New – Adding My Account Dropdown for easy navigation in template 1
– New – In case of Subscription, a new user is directly redirected to Subscription Tab
Fix – Default Radius is working now even for custom location and not only for GeoLocation users
Fix –  Search Zoom Levels is fixed for small location raduis search
Fix – Advanced Custom Search Builder Location Google Autocomplete did not locate cities correctly now fixed
Fix – Offers echo HTML now and not only text in all offer places except sliders
Fix – Default tab bug in Single Business page is fixed now
Fix – Warning appears in Sign Up form in case user or email already exists in database
Fix – Added Title for Offer Slider
Fix – Added more functions to overridable functions
Fix – Default Image for Location affects now the dropdown location and not only Location Slider as used to be
Fix – Page Loader fix running late 1 or 2 seconds, now it runs instantly
Fix – Is Vendor option is fixed to make user vendors

Version 2.1.5 – 15 Dec 2017

Fix – Bug fix on Demo Imports (For each Error )
Fix – Pagination Bug in template 2
Fix – Essential Grid Resize event on Sidebar of Listings

Version 2.1.4 – 7 Dec 2017

Fix – Color Picker Hexadecimal input in Admin Dashboard did not appear due to latest WordPress Update, now fixed

Version 2.1.3 – 4 Dec 2017

– New Feature – Custom Sign Up Builder so you can ask your user to enter any information you need Read More
New Feature –  Custom Search Builder for Custom Search on Custom Fields ( VERY POWERFUL ) Read More
– New Feature – Open Close Times can be Set now to Closed All Day or Open All Day
– New Feature – reCAPTCHA included in Sign Up Builder to get rid of Spammy registrations Read More
– New Feature – Email Reminder to Booker Customer asking him to rate the Business that he booked an Appointment from
– New Feature – Overlapping Businesses in location on map will be separated on click
– New Feature – New Gallery Business field that allows Business owner to upload his Gallery while submitting his Business or Listing
– New Feature – Admin can now specify single Business Category Icon from the backend
– New Feature – Added Number of Columns to Wyzi Sliders in Template 1
– New Feature – Offer Wyzi Slider show Offer Category now
– New Feature – On Logout, clear Cart and return the Cart on Customer Login
Fix – You can now put Shortcode in About of a Listing
Fix – You can now put Shortcode in About of a Offers
Fix – Some Messages were not reaching Business Owners sent from their Listings is fixed now
Fix – 3 Plugins Notification showing plugins needed update when no plugin needs update is fixed
Fix – In case of Subscription submitting a job subtracts points from a business owner
Fix – After a Business Owner deletes his Listing he is redirected to Dashboard instead of White page
Fix – Nice Scroll caused jumping page on Booking Calendar in single listing pages is fixed now
Fix – Contact us page map JS error fixed now
Fix – Map Zoom Level specified for Single Listing Page from backend affects front end map is fixed now
Fix – Adding Appointment to Calendars like Google Calendar JS error fixed in User Dashboard
Fix – Creating a Businesses used to create a draft business, now fixed
Fix – Removed Appointments install Add-ons to remove confusion as add-ons are already included
Fix – In Template 1 Cart icon appeared 2 times sometimes fixed now
Fix – User can now login using his username or email, previously only username
Fix – Subscription Level Listing URL appear in Archives pages only if specified in Membership level
Fix – Wyzi Location Slider setting number of rows to 2 did not update on front end, now fixed
Fix – in Template 2, Sidebar used to disappear sometimes when Job Tab is added fixed now
Fix – WooCommerce Edit Password used to give 404 now fixed
Fix – In template 2 Open Sans font used to load 2 times now fixed to load only once
Fix – Changing Ownership of a Listing used to keep a copy of Business previous owner, now fixed
Fix – Template 2 Offers Images used to blur on resize fixed now
Fix – Removed useless options for Wyzi Sliders
– Fix – User Role can now be set to “No Role to this Site”
Fix – Breadcrumbs bug in All Businesses page
Fix – Fixed some Design Issues
Fix – Some Translation fixes for word used not to translate
Update – Updated All Premium plugins to latest version and made sure wyzi works great with them

Version 2.1.2 – 16 Oct 2017

– New Feature – New Option for General Map to ask for User Location directly when he visits the website and redirect him to his location to check nearby Businesses. Read More
– New Feature – Set default Radius on Map, which combined with the previous features shows only nearby listings Read More
– New Feature – Set default Map Category on page load Read More
Fix – Category Icon not existing in form field builder caused a JS error
Fix – Service Finder Demo Import bug fix causing PHP error on importing

Version 2.1.1 – 2 Oct 2017

– New Feature – Template 2 Featured Slider New Options settings Number of Columns
Fix – Different CSS Design Fixes
Fix – Fixed a Bug in Demo Import which caused fatal error on import
Fix – Fixed New Mobile Menu showing Blue Line when not opened
Fix – Fixed Location Slider Number of Rows not being affected in Template 2
Fix – Fix Template 2 Verified badge shown multiple times on a Single Business

Version 2.1.0 – 25 Sep 2017

– New Feature – Wyzi Speed Optimisation for Fastest Loading Speeds Read More
– New Feature – WP Job Manager Compatible so Business Owners can add their available jobs vacancies and clients can apply for Job Read More
– New Feature – Bulk Listing or Businesses Importer Bundled in Read More
– New Feature – Bulk Locations Importer Read More
– New Feature – Wall Shortcode New Options ( Number of Posts to Pull, Show Hide Footer, Manual Posts Pull, Specify Categories ) Read More 
– New Feature – Business Edit can be set ON or OFF for points Listings Submission or Subscription Listings Submission Read More
– New Feature – New Modern Mobile Sliding Menu Read More
– New Feature – Mobile Home Page Landing Page different from Desktop Landing Page Read More
– New Feature – Mobile Sticky Footer Menu Read More
– New Feature – Additional Content tab in Single Listing Pages for Custom Use of Shortcodes Read More
– New Feature – New Options for Categories Field to allow Parent Categories Selection Read More
– New Feature – See through Menu is available now in both layouts Read More
– New Feature – Main and Secondary Colors for the whole Website Read More
– New Feature – New Option for Image Header to control Search Fields and their order Read More
– New Feature – Header Filters mastered, it works now as it is supposed to work Read More
– New Feature – Favorite Listings in available now in both Layouts Read More
– New Feature – New Iframe Shortcode for WYSIWYG usage as iframes are not allowed by WordPress Read More
– New Feature – Verified Business or Listing badge Read More
– New Feature – Logout Button in User Profile Page in both layouts
– New Feature – Like & Share capabilities for Offers
– New Feature – Map skins for Google maps in Archives and Single Business Pages
– New Feature – Option to set initial amount of points given to a Business Owner upon registration
– New Feature – Option for All Businesses Shortcode to narrow Businesses to a specific Category or a specific Loation
– New Feature – Add a new option to Categories slider to hide Number of Businesses in each Category
– New Feature – Hashtags to Tabs in User Profile Page Tabs
– New Feature – New Header added to Template 1 that looks like template 2 default Header with Submit Place ability
– New Feature – Bundled a ready Child Theme to be used for customisations
Fix – Updated Theme code to be compatible with latest WC Marketplace plugin
Fix – Enhanced Image Preview Quality of Photos Tab in Single Listing Pages
Fix – Offer Correct HTML Display
Fix – About of a Business or Listing Correct HTML Display
Fix – In case of zero percent of Offer, Category Offer name is shown instead
Fix – User Account Profile Tabs made better mobile friendly
Fix – Contact Information not showing in case there is Email or Phone number alone
Fix – Bug when setting number of Featured Businesses to zero, Pagination for archives pages disappeared
Fix – User Account Page Title Bug not being hidden when Page Title option is selected
Fix – Default Business Location follows default Location in Toolkit Options now
Fix – Show a message to none logged in users, telling them to login to be able to rate
Fix – If a Business has no Location CPT assigned to it, nothing shows bug, instead of reshowing its name
Fix –  TGMPA Premium plugins premium names that caused problems with multi-site installations
Fix – When default registration is set to client, sign up email was not being received
Fix – In template 1, clicking a Location in Business grid archives pages links you correctly to the right location
Fix – Template 2 Category slider bug when Visual Composer is set to Stretch Row and Content
Fix – Template 2 Featured Test for featured businesses positioned correctly on mobile view
Fix – Template 2 Logo and Slogan added to map Business Preview in Single Listing Pages
Fix – Template 2 give non-logged in user a message to sign in to be able to comment
Fix – Template 2 Recent Added Businesses Shortcode connected to Essential Grid
Fix – Bug when Post Comments is not added to Business Submission, it is set to On by default now
Fix – All Businesses Shortcode now works on Template 2 and echo essential grid elements
Fix – Opening Hours in Template 1 now follow Typography Option Settings
Update – Updated Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to latest version
Update – Updated Booked Internal Plugin to latest version
Update – Updated Visual Composer to Latest version
Update – Updated Slider Revolution to latest version

Version 2.0.3 – 14 Aug 2017

New Feature – Front End Product Submission option by Business Owner with option to turn off or on Read more
New Feature – Checkout Subscription payment by a WooCommerce Product. Turn any product into a subscription payment.  Read more
New – WC Frontend Product Manager Compatibility
Fix – Business Submission Category without Category Icon
Fix – Business Submission Categories & Tags when put as required were not updating
Fix – Business Listing Template page Features appearing first
Fix – Business Listing Template page in Layout 2 shows essential grid elements now, used to have nothing
Fix – Booking with a Product Single Product used not to show the product upon booking in case singular product
Fix – Hide Admin Bar for Vendors was not working
Fix – Upon saving Front End Store, business owner user to loose Vendorship
Fix – Upon Adding a New Google Font, fixed About Section not changing with font & li elemets
Fix – Checkboxes not appearing on changing checkboxes
Fix – Some Design small Issues
Fix – Breadcrumbs not clickable in user account page
Fix – Shop Page Layout Option ( no option was appearing )
Fix – New essential grid plugin compatibility
Update – Language Files
Update – Bundled Premium Plugins

Version 2.0.2 – 30 July 2017

New – Business / Listing Submission Fields Custom Builder ( Now you can build your fields and edit them as you like )
New – Added logo on Cover image in Single Listing page
New – One Click Import now imports essential grid also
New – New Header that has a special place for Ads
New – Check your Server Status for Wyzi WordPress Requirement
Fix – Products are considered in default WordPress Search
Fix – Blog Category page link fixed and working again
Fix – A lot of CSS fixes in terms of responsiveness of theme
Fix – Template 2 Cart Icon Added
Fix – Wyzi Toolkit plugin is not Auto Updated with a nag showing to Admin if Wyzi Toolkit version is old
Fix – Footer Menu in Template 2 remove Extra Login/Logout Bug
Fix – Cart is added to template 2
Fix – Template 1 Removed Login Menu on Mobile and added to mobile menu
Fix – Business Listing Page Template in Layout 1 javascript error fix when using Text search

Version 2.0.1 – 19 July 2017

New Feature – Added an option to Admin to replace single Business listing page Map by Image uploaded by Lister, and moves Map to Single Listing Page Sidebar
New – Added an option for category slider to set number of columns
Fix – Ratting stars order of appearance bug
Fix – Template 2 Added “Welcome Account” in mobile for user to be able to navigate to his dashboard
Fix – Template 2 Logout returns user to Home page and not to wp-admin
Fix – Template 1 Offers in Offer Tab in Single Listing page design fix
Fix – Template 2 Demo Import importing Category icon now too
Fix – WordPress default search searches products now and reveal the business selling the searched product
Fix – Template 2 Typo Fix in location slider for 1 Location and more than one Locations
Fix – Posts Feed bug
Fix – Claim Form Design

Version 2.0.0 – 12 July 2017

New Amazing Layout – Extremely Customizable
New Feature – Hashtag of Tab in Single business page
New Feature – Essential Grid Integration & Bundling
New Feature – Many Map Styles for Main Map
New Feature – Favorite New Feature
New Feature – Option to show or hide Footer in Single Listing Page
Fix – Removed Plugins nags
Fix – Translation Errors Fix

Version 1.5.5 – 28 June 2017

– New Feature – Bundled Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer Plugin
– Fix – Points Option ON/Off for all Points Occurrences in frontend
– Fix – Offers Archives Pages Title bug fixed
– Fix – Listing Search with category id and location id returning all results fixed
– Fix – Some Translation Issues fixed
– Fix – In Mobile View Menu loading is hidden until all page loads

Version 1.5.4 – 13 June 2017

– Fix – Offers Creation Bug with Media Upload
– Fix – Few Translation words
– Update – Updated Revolution Slider & PMPro Advanced Levels Plugins

Version 1.5.3 – 29 May 2017

– New Feature – WYSIWYG in Offers
– New Feature – Search Map Locations through the Google Places API
– New Feature – Ability to set a default business/offer/location icon image through options
– New Feature – Added the ability to auto-slide homepage sliders with a timer
– New Option – Added the ability to set categories map zoom
– New Option – Added an option that hides points in user dashborad
– Update – WordPress Default search includes now businesses’ metadata, tags and categories
– Fix – Editing offers causing a fatal error
– Fix – Remove beome a Vendor tab for Admin in his dashboard which caused lock out
– Fix – 404 pagination in category pages that appeared in some categories
– Fix – All businesses appearing in certain categories Bug
– Fix – Redirection Bug removed caused some pages to redirect infinetly
– Fix – One business without a category, no businesses will show at all in the main map

Version 1.5.2 – 14 May 2017

– Fix – Fixed a small issue in token verification

Version 1.5.1 – 13 May 2017

-Fix – Fixed an issue preventing wyzi toolkit from installing properly on some Servers.

Version 1.5.0 – 12 May 2017

– New Feature – Booking Complete Management System
– New Feature – Listing Owners can Add and Manage their own Booking Calenders
– New Feature – Vendor can assign a Product to Booking Service
– New Feature – Booking Products commision Feature
– New Feature – Each user has a new Tab in User Dashboard to Manage Appointments
– New Feature – New Tab for Booking in Single Listings
– New Feature – Multiple Businesses for each User
– New Feature – Admin can limit maximum number of listings per User
– New Feature – Memebership Level can control visibility to maximum number of Listings, Booking Availability, Custom Fields
– New Feature – Admin can Assign Products to a Specific Business in Products Backend
– New Feature – All Maps Translate with Website WordPress Default Language
– New Feature – Moved About Business to CPT content for SEO optimisation
– New Feature – Option to Specifically Enable/Disable Vendor Access to the Backend
– New Feature – Inporting Demo needs Token now
– New Feature – New Sidebar for the Shop Page
– New Feature – Change Map Lock from Obligatory to Optional and set default to Palse
– New Feature – Admin can make a specific Business Owner a vendor from backend
– Fix – Header Image Mobile Friendliness
– Fix – Business Sidebar Triggers ‘About’ Tab
– Fix – Deleted Images appear as Blank in Business Gallery Page
– Fix – Improved Resolution of Thumbnails in Business Gallery
– Fix – Delete all images not Working in Single Business Page
– Fix – User Dashboard Tabs overlapping, and Tabs Scrolling Visual Improvement
– Fix – Multiple points_category being created Bug
– Fix – Business Custom Fields used to get Displayed even if they were Empty
– Fix – Added some Missing Translatable Text
– Fix – User login used to be disabled when Registration is Disabled
– Fix – Issue with Tabs in Single Business Page, with which tab is Active
– Fix – Prohibit Vendor making product with Points Attribute
– Fix – Category Icon not Created on Multi-Site
– Fix – In Business Settings, Custom Form Fields disappearing after saving Business Settings
– Fix – Imporoved Map Search
– Fix – User Login Name displaying as a Comment Identifier
– Fix – Error when Cmb2 plugin is not Active
– Fix – Default Location Icon in Map Location Filter
– Fix – Map Google Points of Interests was removed
– Fix – Location slider did not work except on Homepage
– Fix – On Admin Updating Vendor Profile, User used to loose Vendor Capabilities
– Update – Updated Visual Composer

Version 1.4.4 – 10 April 2017

– Update: WooCommerce 3.+ Compatibility for problems caused in Products with Points
– Update: Visual Composer to version 5.1.1

Version 1.4.3 – 6 April 2017

– New Feature – The ability to choose default location in image search field
– New Feature – Transfering Points between Users
– New Feature – The ability to edit Business Post after Posting by Business owner from FrontEnd
– New Feature – Business Post Social Media Sharing
– New Feature – 24 Hour Format in Business Wall Sidebar’s Opening Hours Widget
– New Feature – Ability to hide user role dropdown on registration page
– New Feature – Ability to choose Default user role on registration ( Business owner or Client )
– New Feature – The ability to choose default location in map search field
– Fix – My Account page not appearing when wc marketplace is not active
– Fix – Header Image is not mobile friendly
– Fix – Business archives page not filtering properly according to tags and categories
– Fix – Map search issue
– Fix – Username created on login with facebook is now more user friendly
– Fix – Improved image search form functionality
– Fix – Javascript error in single offer page
– Fix – Custom css issue with child theme
– Fix – Business Wall mail now sends to business owner and contact form’s ‘to’ field in Contact Form 7 in addition to business owner email
– Fix – Error in site header when not all required plugins are active
– Update – New facebook SDK

Version 1.4.2 – 19 March 2017

– New Feature: Business custom fields are now editable in the backend business creation page
– Fix: Business posts grid look display issue fix
– Fix: Map in single Business page isn’t disabled when you set the option to disable it.
– Fix: All products showing up in products tab in single business page
– Fix: Registration email sent to users missing last character in the header
– Fix: Header buy points link doesn’t work on sub-domain sites

Version 1.4.1 – 16 March 2017

– Fixed issues with Single Business Listing Display ( About and Wall Tabs )

Version 1.4 – 15 March 2017

-New Feature – Listing can be made Featured Listings
– New Feature – Admin can add now Custom Fields to Business Listing Submission
– New Feature – New Tab in Business Single Listing Page to Display Custom Fields
– New feature: Business tabs are now controllable: set custom title, order and set which tab is active by default.
– New Feature – New Styles for Memebership Subscription Levels Layout ( Vertical Layouts )
– New Feature – Subscription Levels Shotcode added as Visual Composer Element
– New Feature – Subdivided Business / Service Listing Submission Pagination into Tabs instead of one Long Page.
– New Feature – WPML Compatibility and Approved by Official WPML Owners
– New Feature: Custom notification boxes instead of using the browser’s alert.
– New Feature: Business Listing Message became Contact Form 7 Controlled
– New Feature: Limit Businesses shown on map to one location on page load.
– New Feature: Available Subscription levels appear in User Account Page if Subscrption mode is ON
– New Feature: Demo Import imports options now as well
– New Demo: Real Estate Demo
– Optimization: Single business data is now a class, with refactored code.
– Fix: ‘Show Less’ in single business sidebar is now translatable.
– Fix: Global map now shows custom category icon (before, it didn’t show the category icon you select from the dropdown in business on creation, Gabor’s issue)
– Fix : Pending Businesses can no longer publish posts and offer
– Update : Revolution Slider to version 5.4.1
– Update : Visual Composer Update to version 5.1

Version 1.3.8 – 24 Feb 2017

– New – One Page Demo Business
– New Feature – One Page Site Template for Any Business
– Fix – Fixed bug in displaying custom css
– Fix – Fixed bug that caused the map sometimes to be stuck at loading on initial page load
– Fix – Fixed bug that caused compatibility issues with bbpress

Version 1.3.7 – 20 Feb 2017 ( You asked, We listened )

– New Feature – Bundled Revolution Slider Plugin
– New Feature – Page ability to put Image Instead of Map with search Directory Ability Overlay
– New Feature – Facebook & Google+ Login / Sign Up Capabilities
– New Feature – Search by Location in Global Map
– New Feature – Filtering Capabilities in Business Listings of Archives as a Widget
– New Feature – Searching Map By Location and Radius Kilometers
– New Feature – Bundled Auto Update Envato Plugin, so Wyzi Theme can be updated directly from WordPress
– New Feature – Locations CPT added WYSIWYG that appears in Location CPT Page
– New Feature – Location Slider new Option link to Business Archives or to Locations CPT
– New Feature – Location CPT added map Coordinates to link Locations CPT with actual Map Locations
– New Feature – Google Fonts Integration
– New Feature – Main Map Loader Icon that appears while Businesses are Loading
– New Feature – Added “Terms and Condition” message under Signup Page with Auto Creation of Terms and Condition
– New Feature – Added “About” tab in Single Business Page
– New Feature – Single Business Description can be now in HTML with WYSIWYG support
– New Feature – Admin can charge points for Business Posts creation
– Fix – Map Bug when Business Number is large
– Fix – Perfomance Optimisation
– Fix – Business Categories Slider Number of Rows fixed when it is set to one
– Fix – “Show More” and “No More Posts to Show” added to translatable Texts
– Fix – Spelling Mistakes
– Fix – Business Pagination bug
– Fix – User cannot delete Image bug

Version 1.3.6 – 6 Feb 2017

Fix – Business Message Email sometime was not delivered
Fix- Removing Space between Email Title and Email Subject in Message on Single Listing Page
Fix – Rating a Listing was not rating on some circumstances
Fix – Offers Business Ownership Display all Businesses instead of latest 10
Fix – Bug that caused incorrect correlation between business and it’s offers
Fix – CPT_LOCATIONS Name is not being defined, which caused Locations CPT to disappear in some situations
Fix – Capabilities is not being set to each one of CPTs ( Locations, Business Posts, Ratings & Claim ) to make sure nothing disappears

Version 1.3.5 – 1 Feb 2017

– Fix – Business Message Email not arriving when Business Owner is the Admin

Version 1.3.4 – 30 January 2017

– New Feature – Paid Subscription using Paid Membership Pro Plugin that make Business Owners pay to Admin on a recurring Basis
– New Feature – Hide Specific Pages from non-subscribers for specific plans
– New Feature – Option to Hide or Show Map from Single Businesses Display and Single offers Display
– New Feature – Send email notification to Admin when a New Business Listing is submitted
– New Feature – If a business is assigned to parent category by Admin, it will appear on Map just like any other Business /Service
– Fix – Mail Sent HTML Tags bug
– Fix – Available Points in Business Owner Account was not appearing on registration
– Fix – The word Buy Points in Account Page is now Translatable
– Fix – Contact Emails at submission of the Business is sent in HTML now instead of plain text
– Fix – Posts Ajax Commenting responsiveness adjustment to look better
– Fix – Added initial Email Template for Messaging a Business / Service
– Fix – Offers cannot be edited from Backend

Version 1.3.2 – 26 January 2017

– Bug fix on importing Demo Content

Version 1.3.1 – 24 January 2017

– New Feature – Posting Comments on posts is now done under Posts same page by Ajax
– New Feature – Products Tab in Single Business Page Custom Re-Naming Ability
– Fix – Warnings appear if you don’t have business categories selected
– Fix – Map Category Search Bug

Version 1.3.0 – 19 January 2017

– New Feature – Business owners can become Vendors to sell their own products and Admin gets Commission through the use of WC Marketplace Plugin.
– New Feature – Claim Business Form
– New Feature – Claim Business Form Submission Cost
– New Feature – Admin can change Business Owner from backend
– New Feature – Locations CPT Renaming Ability
– New Feature – Multi Sub Categories for Business – Can be done by Admin or Business owner
– Fix – Map Search for Category only Selected
– Fix – Reset Password Bug

Version 1.2.1 – 10 January 2017

– New Feature – Map Search Enhanced Drastically users can search by business excerpt, slogan, tags, name, location, and any combination of these mentioned above. Additionally, to filter by specific location, just type the search phrase followed by in location name for additional filtration by location.
– New Feature – Mile option is added in Map
– On Pressing Enter in Map Search, Search is triggered
– WooCommerce Tab in Profile made Optional from Wyzi Toolkit Options
– “Opening Hours” Text in Business / Service Wall Page made editable
– Number of Reviews appear on Ratings Tab beside overall rate stars
– Fixed on Business Delete all related posts and offers and ratings are deleted
– Fixed Bug where disabling business registration is not working
– Fixed a bug where search query on map causes a warning sometimes
– Fixed Scroll to Top on Internet explorer
– Fixed existing users to login if deactivated registration for new users

Version 1.2.0 – 4 January 2017

– New Feature – Advanced Rating System for single Business
– New Feature – Multi-Open Close Time for single Business
– New Feature – Business Posts/ Offers CPT re-naming
– New Demo – Wyzi Service Finder
– Enhancement – Advanced Demo Import System
– Enhancement – WooCommerce Account appears now in Account Page
– Fix – Pending Business will subtract points when updated
– Fix – Available Points appear clearer in Account Page
– Fix – Search bug fix in Map Search
– Fix – Phone Number made text not number for any format
– Fix – Building is not required in Business Creation
– Fix – Upon Creating Offers, number of required points is presented
– Css Fixes

Version 1.1.0 – 27 December 2016

– New Feature – WooCommerce Theme Integration
– Business Owners can View their Available Points in Account Page Directly
– Fixed Login Menu Bug that prevented creating more Menu Items
– Fixed ‘break’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context bug in class-offers-tabs-widget.php

Version 1.0.5 – 20 December 2016

– New Feature – Business Listing as Grid View
– Fixed a bug that prevented from creating business listings pages.

Version 1.0.3 – 18 December 2016

– New Feature – Business Listing (connecting Map Business with Businesses Displayed underneath )
– Enhanced Map Search to search among Business Name or Slogan or Description.
Search for “Websites Development in NewYork” in map search keywords

Version 1.0.1 – 16 December 2016

– New Feature – Offers Tab in Single Business Pages.

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