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Bulk Import Locations

Added version 2.1.0

You can bulk import Business Location by navigating to Locations > Import


The imported file should be CSV formatted, and we recommend 50 Locations at a time, although you can even increase this number to thousands, but this will depend on your server CPU and memory. To get your best number of Locations you can import at a time, you can test 50 at first, and by the end of the import, you will get a report showing you the recommended number of listings you can import at a time given you server capabilities. For example, this is the report you may get:


You can download here this CSV Example File

You need to make sure your CSV is UTF-8 Formatted, else import will fail.

Fields Explanation:


“wp_ID” represents your Location Post ID, should be empty.If you fill “wp_ID” you risk overriding post IDs, so unless you know what you are doing, it is highly recommended to keep this column empty.


Date added. Should be in format: MM/DD/YY HH:MM


8/9/17 19:11


Date last Modified.

Should be in format: MM/DD/YY HH:MM


8/9/17 19:11


Can have the value of publish , future , draft , pending , private , trash , auto-draft


This is the About of the Location , and can be in HTML format


This is the title of the Location and it is normal text.


This should be wyz_location in order to tell WordPress that we are importing Locations.


This should be closed unless you know what you are doing


This should be closed as Business or Listing pages do not use comments.


This should be the User Name of the owner of this Location. Make sure it is user name and not email or user id. Usually this should be the admin username.



A JSON Format field that contains the map information of a location. It should contain Listing latitude, longitude & map zoom level. Example:


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