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Optional HTTPS Requirement

GeoLocation Service Feature

WYZI Theme supports an optional GeoLocation Service offered by Google maps. This service allows your website visitors to search businesses and locations in accordance to their current geographical location.

Website visitors can set a certain circle radius centered at their location to view available businesses around.


In case you do not need this feature on your website, you can omit this section.

Why SSL(HTPS) Connection Requirement Optional?

Starting from April, 2016, Google Chrome version >=50 no longer supports obtaining User Geo Location using HTML5 GeoLocation API from pages delivered by non-secure connections. This means that the page that’s making the Geolocation API call must be served from a secure context (HTTPS).

This requirement is just for Google Chrome version >=50. Other internet browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer & Firefox still supports HTML5 GeoLocation API, so turning on this GeoLocation feature will still work on almost all browsers except for Chrome version >=50. There is a big discussion going on now and most probably Chrome started and others will follow.

In case you need this feature, you will need SSL Connection or also called Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Since only Google Chrome version >=50 requires it, it is still optional.

For more information on this topic, you can check Google Developers Blog.

How can I Obtain SSL(HTTPS) Connection ?

  1. You Need A Dedicated IP
  2. You need a SSL certificate

If your website is hosted at a shared hosting company, you can contact you host provider and ask them to add this feature to you website.

If your website is hosted on your own server, you can follow this tutorial for Apache .

We do not support in SSL (HTTPS) installing.

What are Other Benefits of SSL Connection?

  • Customer information, like credit card numbers, is encrypted and cannot be intercepted
  • Visitors can verify you are a registered business and that you own the domain
  • Customers are more likely to trust and complete purchases from sites that use HTTPS

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