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Installing Theme

Downloading the Theme from Envato Themeforest

First of all, login to your account in Themeforest. From your profile browse to Downloads.

Screen-Shot-2016-08-13-at-10.45.26-PM copy

If you bought the theme, you should now see the theme listed among your other purchases. Make sure to download the installable WordPress file only. This is a ready to install file theme.zip for WordPress. ( Of course you can still download All files & documentation )

download-theme-from-Themeforest copy

Installing Theme ZIP File From Admin Backend

Login to your WordPress Admin Backend with Admin privileges, usually it is www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin

Now in WordPress Backend, browse to Appearance > Themes.

Wordpress Installing Theme From Backend

Then at the very top of the backend page, you can find a button called “Add New”

WYZI WordPress Add new Theme

A new page should load, where you can again find a new button called “Upload Theme” where you should be able to upload Theme.

Wordpress Upload New Theme Backend Wyzi

After successfully uploading the Theme, activate it and you are done.

Activating Theme

Installing Theme ZIP File Via FTP

WordPress Themes can also be uploaded to your website via FTP. Follow the following steps:

  1. Login to you website FTP account
  2. Unzip Theme.zip file on your local computer
  3. Upload Theme folder to HostingFolder/wp-content/themes/ Folder
  4. Login to your WordPress Admin Backend with Admin privileges
  5. Browse to Appearance > Themes
  6. Find WYZI Theme among other Themes you may have
  7. Activate WYZI Theme

You can also check Codex Instruction of Installing WordPress Themes for more detailed description in case this is your first theme installation on WordPress.

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