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Offer Settings

Holds all the settings regarding the single offer page and offers in general.

A business owner can view a list of his published/pending offers in his account page, under the ‘My Business’tab.

Points Price

How much points does each offer publication cost.
If a business owner publishes an offer while not having enough points, his offer will remain pending until he purchases more points.

Expiry Date

Set a time period (in days), after which an offer gets automatically deleted. So if the value was set to 10 for example, all posts older than 10 days will always be deleted. Set the value to -1 to disable offer expiration.

Immediate Publish

Enables/disables offers auto publication. If turned off, once a business owner publishes an offer, it will remain pending until the admin approves it and sets its status to published.

Business owners can’t publish a new offer whilst having pending offers.

A notification is displayed in the business owner’s account page if he has any pending offers.


Offers tab in Single Business

You can Turn on/off Offers Tab in Single offers Page in this option.


Editing Capability

Enables/disables the ability for the business owner to edit his published/pending offers.


No Offers Message

The text to display to the business owner in case he has no offers available.


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