I am not able to Add or Edit Category Icon

This is a common question we get, where Admin faces some problems in creating or editing Listing Categories Icons.

This is caused by old PHP version, or some other WordPress Requirements. You can view all WordPress Requirements here:

WordPress Requirements

Another way to check your website server compatibility, is to go to Appearance > Server Status and check if your website meets the requirements.

Usually fixing PHP version will solve this issue.

If that did not work, then the problem may be caused by other factors:

1) allow_url_fopen might not be enabled on your server.To fix this, please set

allow_url_fopen = 1
in your php.ini file, or place the following code:

ini_init('allow_url_fopen', 1);

in your theme’s functions.php file

2) the function ‘exif_imagetype’ might not be enabled on your server. To fix this, kindly set the following:


in your php.ini file, or place the code:

ini_set('extension', 'php_mbstring.dll');

in your theme’s functions.php.

If non of this works, Kindly enable debugging and error logging on your site, create a business category with an icon, then send us the error log file found at :


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