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Sidebars Locations

Default SideBar

Default Sidebar appear on the right or Left of the Blog Page, depending on Blog Layout Setting chosen in Theme Options.


Left SideBar

Left Sidebar appears on the left of pages having Left Sidebar Page Templatesleft-sidebar-content

Right SideBar

Right Sidebar appears on the right of pages having Right Sidebar Page Templates


Contact SideBar

Contact Sidebar appears on the right of the pages having Contact Page Templates 


Business Categories Sidebar

Business Categories Sidebar appears on Business Categories and Tags Archive Pages.


Single Business SideBar

Single Business Sidebar appears on Single Business Sidebars on every Business Wall Page.


Footer SideBars

Footer Sidebars appears at the end of each every page. There are 4 Footer Sidebars :

  • Footer 1 Sidebar
  • Footer 2 Sidebar
  • Footer 3 Sidebar
  • Footer 4 Sidebar



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