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Transfering Points Between Users

Users can transfer points between each other. Example, User A can send 7 points to user B.

In order to activate this option, first you need need to activate this option by navigating to:

WordPress Dashboard > Wyzi Toolkit > Business Settings > Points Transfer then turn this option on.


Now, when a user logs in to your website, he can see a new option available in his user account page, called Transfer Points. In the following image, you can see its location in User Dashboard:


If the User has no points, then Clicking on Transfer Points will show the user a message, that he has no points to tranfer. If the user have points, then he will be asked to input the user name or mail of the user he want to transfer points to, and the amount of points to tranfer. The following image shows a snapshot of how it appears.


After the transfer is complete the user will see that his points dropped, and the new user will have the tranfered points available in his account. A confimration message will appear to the tranfering user.



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