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Merge & Minify & Refresh

Compatible since version 2.1.0

Very Important Note

Do not use this plugin while developing your website, else you will end up chnaging options and not seeing the effect on your website.

First things first, we need to make sure to Merge and Minify Wyzi Theme CSS and JS files. We have tested many plugins out there in the market, and we found that this plugin:

Merge + Minify + Refresh

is the best free plugin that works perfectly with Wyzi Theme or deliver minified and merged CSS and JS without affecting CSS and javascript file.

This plugin is not a required plugin in WYZI theme, but you can add this plugin to your theme installation.

This plugin will have a huge effect on the number of requests your website makes to load, causing your pages to load much faster. What is so nice about this plugin also, is that it auto-refreshes when needed.

You can find this plugin configuration in SettingsMerge + Minify + Refresh Settings.

We recommend not to change any of its default settings.

Plugin Main Features:


  • Merges JS and CSS files to reduce the number of HTTP requests
  • Handles scripts loaded in the header & footer
  • Compatable with localized scripts
  • Creates WP-Cron for minification as this can take some time to complete
  • Minifies JS with Google Closure (requires php exec) with fallback to Minify
  • Minifies CSS with Minify
  • Failed minification doesn’t break the site. Visitors will instead only see the merged results
  • Stores Assets in /wp-content/mmr/ folder
  • Uses last modified date in filename so any changes to JS or CSS automatically get re-processed and downloaded on browser refresh
  • View status of merge and minify on settings page in WordPress admin
  • Option to enable http2 server push (thanks to Daniel Aleksandersen)
  • Option to enable output buffering for compatability and so footer scripts can be HTTP2 pushed
  • Ability to turn off minification
  • Ability to turn off concatination
  • Ability to manually ignore scripts or css
  • Ignores conditional scripts and styles
  • Ability to specify cache directories
  • Ability to generate .css.gz & .js.gz files (Thanks to Marcus Svensson)
  • Works with WordPress Multisite

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